The Wise Woman’s Voice in My Head

Breathe, Ms. Lowe.

Trust yourself.

Don’t let your doubt overwhelm you.

Don’t be such a cynic, stop skulking, stop brooding.

Stand up straight, head up, square your shoulders.

Many women of your generation are indifferent.

It’s an affront to the future.

Mediocre Individuals will look at you and feel themselves wilting in your shadow.

Don’t stoop down to them – don’t you dare shrink back to make yourself small.

You will rarely find friends here.

None of them have the capacity to understand you.

They never will.

If you’re lucky, one day when you’re wrinkled and decrepit, you will find a young woman with little regard for anything but her craft.

And you’ll take her under your wing and encourage her, like others encouraged you.

But, until then, kick back, read a good book.

There is greatness in you, Eleanor Lorene Lowe.

Breathe. And believe that.

Do not disappoint, Ms. Lowe.


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