Black Sheep

Nothing short of disappointment

A feeling all too familiar

To Me.

Always failing to reach the top

Unable to meet the mark

For You.

Satisfaction seldom found

Never quite enough…again

For You.

Continuous flux and float

This – the only constant

For Me.

Contentment? A farce.

Love? A convenient lie.

Success? Fleeting.

Friendship? A wolf in sheep’s clothing.

Hope? Is Nothing.

These things – To Me.

Try as I may, try as I might.

All of my reality – insignificantly trite.

So, I ask myself

Is it worth the fight?


  1. Nothing about oneself is trite. Our dignity and well-being are always worth the fight, no matter how different we are from everyone else. There are so many normal people who try hard to be weird. I think why? I have always been truly weird and different. I was often ostracized as a kid and got teased a lot. As I think you might agree, it’s not always that great to be different. I’m a black sheep. Curiously enough, I’ve worn all black all the time since 1992.

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      1. We seem to find each other even in the vastness of the blogosphere and etherverse. Like people who had alcoholic parents seem to be able to pick each other out from across the room with hundreds of people between them. There’s something about the style.

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