Off Kilter

“I’m the sweetest woman in the world, UNTIL, you give me a reason NOT to be.” I tell this to people I’m trying to get to know better. No, I am not kidding.


Closure is a precious thing. It’s not something you really think about unless it’s an opportunity you’ve unfortunately missed.

Soul Gatherings

Spiritual Moments in the Human Experience


Espacio literario abierto a la poesía y la crítica

Juan Francisco Quevedo



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The Magpie at Midnight

Finding things, collecting ideas, making art

Brotherly Love

A personal exploration of autism from a brother’s perspective, including family relationships, philosophy, neuroscience, mental health history and ethics


Format your brain for knowledge transfer

The Wickeds

Wicked Good Mysteries

The Wee Writing Lassie

The Musings of a Writer / Freelance Editor in Training

Paolo Belcastro

a.k.a. @p3ob7o

Life lived with relentless creativity

Thoughts from Molly James: Creative Thinker. Innovator. Educator. Lead Learner. Speaker. Writer. Researcher. Musician. Fencer. Coach.

The Unnecessary Blog

Random posts by random folks

Humoring the Goddesse

Croning My Way Through Life

Cooped-up Creativity

Photography - Nature - Arts