Bunk Beds — Diamonds in the Rough {9}

From a couple Oklahoma girls…who earned their pearls.

***Readers Beware***

These are true stories that may shock you — anger and haunt you. Posts under this category may contain disturbing content and language that could upset or trigger individuals.

To read the complete anthology, stories currently {1-9} and supporting pieces click below:

Injustice: My Bell Jar Diaries

Just as I chose to share, you chose to read. Thank you for continuing to read and comment!

Dark in the night

A little hand reaches up from the bottom bunk

We shared our worlds — asleep and wide awake

Our lives then, made our lives now — that feeling makes me shake

Shake their lies and hypocrisy of the day off — Get it off me!

You’ll never understand. You’ll never see. No one will look up —

Until I scream — What’s wrong with me?!

The bunk beds he drug us out of, what he shaped us to be

The bunk beds they gave us, like most things — made us tough

No matter what we became — it is never Enough for any of us.


Top bunk, under the blanket, flashlight, with a book, or my Sony Walkman

An hour and another passes, I do it again and again

Whispers and sniffles, crying in the worst way

Always praying for a better day

We had to take the brunt of it

Not sure for what this was meant

Though, I have to give you credit for your badgering

All that ducking and swerving

Now — look — it made me a Work of Art!

I grew up and gave myself a brand new start


Oh! Purpose and Peace come find me!

The wind whips my hair, setting my doubt leaves free

The magic that flows in you and me

No one really knows how deep this goes

Deeper than you can ever imagine — We are tough!

Yes, we are diamonds in the rough!

Bunk Bed Burdens — Oh, Lord, we’re hurting!

Can you hear me?! Can you hear us?!

Distant fading requests from a couple little Oklahoma girls.

Won’t you grant them a few pearls?


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