Ready, Set, Go

There are moments when I say, “Let’s Nike this! or, “I’m gonna Nike this thing!” Remember the old slogan: Just Do It? Always liked that one. Well, I’m having one of these moments. {Rolling my eyes.} It’s time. I’m gonna do it. Or try. Go on a date. Okay, I said it. SUE ME. Seriously, though, I say this now — later you will read very entertaining posts about my experiences being subjected to repeated stupidity. But I feel like it’s long overdue…a year and a half now.



Off a bad day




Through this life




Light up the room


I will stay

I will pray

Just say…

This too shall pass


Tell me how to stop the Oklahoma wind from blowin

Tell me how to stop me from hurtin

Tell me how to do my part

Because I want to believe again

I’m ready to share my heart

I want to be in LOVE again



Oh, please!

Give me your blessing

At least let me choose

Or it’s a lose lose


  1. How exciting. If you know Nike commercials, which I have never seen, you can just do it. Do you remember the desktop publishing software Ready, Set, Go? Your title made me think of it. Ready with your text block, set your margins, and GO GO GO.

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