Dream’s Hourglass

Swirling Secrets

Depths Unknown

Take me back to the world of my own!


Saunter Scrupulously

Contrasting Qualities

Make your way!


Sugared Squabbles

Precocious Enough

Escape oblivion and the road in the rough!


Sparkling Sand Slithers

Through Dream’s Hourglass

As I approach the Subconscious Impasse.


Silver Slants

Light shines through

Guiding me to the place I wish to get to.

Where good dreams prevail at night and positivity rules the day!

Whatever comes — I will always find a way.

When dreams are lived zealously and not just ideas stuck in your head.

How beautiful that dreams can be more than mere possibility — rather a reality instead.


  1. Outstanding words shared. A poem for you dear Eleanor.
    “Dearest Eleanor, the hour glass of time moved and we can’t stop time. If I could I would stop the sand of time for you. I would make the beach days last forever with you near me. I would make the midnight hours never-ending and I would dance with you till we could not no-more. I would want more morning kisses, more evenings embraces and to know the kindness of your words. The hour glass of time cannot be stopped. But my love for you, is forever and a day.”
    Your words. Always amuse for me dear Eleanor.

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    1. John, my dear sweet friend, thank you, I’m truly honored and humbled by your poem!!! The eloquence and creation of these gorgeous imaginings to dance in my head, to sing sweetly to my heart, and slowly swing my soul. I’m the luckiest girl in the world! — XOXO, Eleanor

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