Heart Hieroglyphics

The heart speaks its own language

Tis foreign to some

Others translate fine yet there are a few that know NONE

Precious secrets and stories are written upon your heart

Your beat sets the tone but it’s the soul that plays the bigger part

Etched for eternity in a twinkling of an eye

Inscribed with great care — revealing truth for all to see

To read. To seek. And find — resolute clarity

LOVE is the golden key to the mysterious language only you can hear


Only then will your Heart Hieroglyphics become clear


  1. The word ‘heart’ appears more than a thousand times in the Judeo-Christian scriptures. From this, it is said that the Heart is not merely a physical organ, but the seat of our emotions, no less. To have discovered the thought of ‘Heart hieroglyphics’ is a divinely inspired revelation, given only to a few. You are one of the few and thank you for sharing this gem with us. Blessings, Peter.

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