Heart On a Silver Platter

What will it be? I don’t know.

Stay tuned, folks…

Thought you were my one in a million

Thought it was you, I was done —

Thought we’d be always and forever —

Wrong. Wrong. Wrong.

Thought you’d never again break —


But here I am for a second time

Feeling foolish, waiting for a sign

Emotions like Everest, impossible to climb

It all started with your letter

Split between what the world really is and what I want to be better —

Oh, Lord! You’re in trouble, Miss Lowe…

Well, here I go… I opened up that letter

Decided to serve my heart up to you on a silver platter.

I pray to GOD you comprehend the gravity of what I have done!

GOD, help me if I’m wrong, again, and you’re not the ONE!


  1. There is definitely a “déjà vu all over again” vibe to your poem. Do remember Talking Heads “Stop Making Sense” movie that came out in 1984? We saw it first run in an art theater by the university. I always loved Byrne in his giant suit palming himself in the forehead while singing “Same as it ever was. Same as it ever was. Same as it ever was!” I thought of you doing the same thing while reading your poem.

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      1. We did an off the grid vacation for four days in 2014. When I got back on the grid, I had thousands of emails to sift through. I had to look up and watch Monty Python’s Spam skit several times while looking for legitimate email among the spam.

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      2. I did meet a nice big bull snake and a beautiful collard lizard who loved being photographed while being contrary to the grid.

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      3. I love snakes. I still have a big boa constrictor. She’s a real hugger. My daughter has a lizard, tarantulas, and scorpions.

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      4. Oh you champion noodler don’t like snakes? You would love Blue, and she would give you a good squeeze.

        Many years ago we had a friend who was a stewardess who would visit when she had a layover in Albuquerque. We had a 15 foot long python back then. She was scared to death of snakes. One day when she came to visit, she started asking about the snake. She got curious and wanted to look at the snake in her enclosure. Then she wanted to see the snake out of her enclosure.

        I wrestled the 125 pound snake out of her cage and carried her into the living room. That’s when I was young and strong and could handle a giant snake. Our friend noticed the snake was calm, beautiful and not slimy. Soon enough sh had the snake over her shoulders, and I was taking photos of her so she could prove to everyone she actually held a giant snake. This was long before social media.

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      5. I used to get teased for liking snakes when I was a kid, but no one messed with me when I had a snake. I used to get teased for liking cats, also, and for being tall, and for being skinny, and for being weird. I’ve shrunk a little, become a little wider and look like most other dumpy old guys these days. But I still get teased for liking snakes, liking cats and being weird. I be what I be.

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      6. Whew, I get that. For me I was “Casper Chicken Legs” wasn’t just white, I was translucent. While stark white and awkward I did speech contests ad pageants growing up. Showed animals in 4-H was even a county officer. I enjoyed some of it. Anything to pad my resume and anything to get a scholarship.

        I actually say this phrase quite a lot, “I like what I like. Sue me.” Finally, and unfortunatley only recently, embraced a Professor’s sage advice: “Practcice the art of not giving a damn!” Wish I would’ve done that one sooner. 😉

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      7. The art of not giving a damn is hard to learn if you care the least about anything. It’s learning not to give a damn about toxic people. And that can be hard because once they know you don’t give a damn about them, it’s like a challenge for them. I’ve gotten pretty good about not giving a damn, but a lot of stuff still really bothers me.

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      8. YES! EXACTLY! It is extremely difficult to explain to someone. I am strong but I suppose, in matters most when the majority does not expect it. Then, in otjers I crumble. How can someone be steel and and sand?


      9. That’s part of the mystery of the human psyche and our trigger points that are as individual as each person — some trigger points deep and hard to get at, others are on the surface easy to trip. And the frustrating part is while we often know what trips certain trigger points, what trips others is as mysterious of being steel and sand.

        I think it is much more difficult for women then men as women are physically and emotionally so much more complex than men. Men have their emotional complexities, but I think we are generally pretty simple, fairly predictable and difficult to change. Women are constantly changing and constantly dealing with those changes. Add all your difficulties growing up, and you have a lot more points that can be triggered.

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      10. So true…very mysterious those triggers.

        I would agree. It is muchy harder for women. Our genetic makeup, biological and psychological differences make it more complex.

        I’ve actually got a scheduled post for tomorrow. Thank you for the inspiration!!!!!! Appreciate you!

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