Morning Moments

A dream covered in morning dew. A beautiful dream of me and of you.

With All the Love I Possess,

Stay a moment longer — please

Across the pillow from me

What a stirring sight you are to see

A sun-kissed silhouette from the sunbeams shining through on you

These Morning Moments — Precious — just us two

My bright blue eyes staring across my pillow — so intently

Your fingertips draw lines on me — so softly

My hair tossed asunder

You brush away a curl from my face

Please-oh-please — just a moment longer —

Bring me the sunrise in a teacup

Because you know, I don’t want to get up

Pick me a pink peony soaked in the sweet dew

Then, perhaps, I’ll consider getting up with you

To start our day anew

Though — OH!

How I cherish these precious Morning Moments with you!


      1. You touch the innermost part of my heart, Sophia! How flattering, how sweet, how kind! To hear that you both respect and enjoy my work, furthermore, you think it brilliant is like one of your wonderful treats, a sweet, rich, and delicious treat!

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    1. Thank you, Peter. I woke from a dream and wished it was me. I’m so glad that came through…so pleased you liked it! I’m always looking forward to if I’ll get a comment from you or not, always happy when I do. Brightens my day! Thank you! 😉

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