Great Gatsby Plans & Dreams

Do you know what lucky stars we are? Bright and shiny!

Oh, I got plans, plans for me and you, Old Sport!

I got plans for us, all of us!

TRUST — Volumes upon volumes!

I know it’s daunting but I’m trying.


Been saying: Nobody needs me, nobody wants me

For too long, I got tired, and stopped trying to be a Zelda

A tall glass of champagne — you are

For you, I’d travel far, so far

What I really want to know…

Is this all a dream? 

Is everything really as wonderful as it seems?


Lately, been living half a life and using very little heart

Didn’t realize how bad off I was till you became a part

Now, I see how close I was to THE fall.

Lately, I had given up

Didn’t know how bad it was, my depression was so corrupt

Now, I’m so grateful, but I am terrified to lose you.

Lately, I haven’t been able to breathe

Didn’t believe this could ever be

Now, I feel free, I think you fixed me — TRULY!


How do I know? That you’re the ONE? 

Because a wise woman, the wisest I’ve ever known said

Sweet Pea, when you know, you know.

I am happy to report this to be true about you! 

We are far from normal, in a category all it’s own.


I got plans to be your soul sunshine

Blast through our darkness, run together from our demons

We are gonna be more than fine!

Whatever you need

Just say so.


I’ll be the girl with the pearls, long curly black hair

Ruby lips in my Angel Red Lipstick, hun

I’ll be standing there with the polka dot dress on

Standing in the sun. I want us to “Stand in the Sun”

Fingers crossed this is it. That’s a Wrap.


You have a tight grip on this heart of mine

I’ve never been one to be content with loneliness

You are making me reassess all my plans

I believe you’ll prove to be worth the risk.


Do you see the Green Light?

Do you hope like I now do? 

Do you believe this is something special for me and you?


I have been within and without

Hopin, wishin, thinkin, prayin

But I won’t play the beautiful fool 

No! I am no Daisy Buchanan!

And life — it isn’t The Great Gatsby

Though, please permit me to ask —

Do you agree with my life motto: Go BIG or Go Home?

Are you willing to make this sacrifice for me?

Will you continue to be true? Will that always be?

I want to believe, I really do, I want to believe, and trust in you

You can’t repeat the past. Thank God, I don’t want to, okay?

Future Forward with my version of Great Gatsby Plans & Dreams

Because like him, I am full of hope again!!!


XOXOXO, Dedicated To My Future Joe DiMaggio

With All the Love I Possess,



  1. I love this. It’s full of hope and purpose. You will make your dreams come true. You are a treasure chest for your Future Joe DiMaggio to open slowly and discover all the gems and precious stones that make up your inner beauty. A goddess for him to love and worship.

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